Youth Voices Photo Exhibit in Boston

You’re invited to the opening of the Youth Voices Photo Exhibit at the Egleston YMCA! Come celebrate the stories of 16 young people in Boston through photography! Join us for the FIRST photography exhibit at the Egleston Square YMCA, which serves as a Teen Center for the YMCA of Greater Boston. The exhibit will have […]

VII Academy Sarajevo hosts 4th KUMA International Summer School

For two weeks the campus of VII Academy Sarajevo hosted students and lecturers of the 4th KUMA International Summer School. This edition of KUMA International Summer School in partnership with VII Academy Sarajevo brought together sixteen students from BiH, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada for a two-week educational program on “Borders and […]

VII Academy Celebrates Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth Leadership

During the turbulent year of 2020/21, VII Academy Sarajevo worked with the next generation of civic leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, supporting them on their path of community change making and active citizenship. Thirty young writers, artists, and community organizers engaged with BOLD, a youth leadership initiative created and supported by the US Embassy in […]

NEWF Divemaster Storytelling LAB

Film producer and director Jacqueline Farmer, co-founder of the Nature: Through Her Eyes festival, a VII Academy event, has just returned from a week in South Africa training a group of African women, all ocean and conservation scientists and filmmakers as part of the NEWF Decade Divemaster Storytelling LAB that aims to boost careers and […]

Myanmar in Crisis

A group that included monks later identified as members of the ultranationalist “Patriotic Young Monks Union”, including Pyinnyawuntha, a well-known participant in the pro-military rallies, used metal bars to attack cars and their drivers that were blocking traffic as part of the civil disobedience campaign against military rule before taking refuge in the adjacent Shwe […]

Dispatches in Exile Media Portal Is Live

Dispatches in Exile, the one-of-a-kind project led by VII Academy curator Ziyah Gafić in partnership with the International Organization for Migration, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has launched its online media portal, The website gives participants, who are people on the move through Bosnia and Herzegovina, a place to publish reports and stories that give insight […]

Nature Through Her Eyes Festival Works to Change an Industry

Issues examined by panelists and attendees of the event are now being addressed in the male-dominated world of natural history filmmaking. In September 2019, the VII Academy hosted a conference for women only, “Nature Through Her Eyes / Nature: Le Regard Feminin” in Perpignan, France, led by filmmaker Jacqueline Farmer. A first of its kind, the event […]

Dispatches in Exile: Amplifying the Voices of Migrants and Refugees

Over the next twelve months, in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Bosnia and Herzegovina, VII Academy trainers will teach the basic principles of journalism, and media production including photography, time-based media, ethics and narrative storytelling to a group of about 60 men and women from Asia, Africa, and the Middle East currently residing in Temporary Reception Centres in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Youth Program with the Bronx Documentary Center

Most of our programs at the VII Academy are aimed at visual journalists who are either embarking on their career or who work in the media already but need the boost a more formal education can provide. However, this autumn we’re reaching out to a new group of young people and community members with a commitment to photojournalism, with the goal of engaging them with the integral skills of journalism and ethics.

The William Gross and Jennifer Stengaard Gross Scholarship

Since last year the VII Academy has provided The William Gross and Jennifer Stengaard Gross Scholarship for a high-achieving photographer from the majority world to attend the MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography at the London College of Communication (LCC, University of London Arts). The first scholarship for the academic years running from October 2019 to July 2021 was granted to Mushfiq Mahbub Turjo, an outstanding photographer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photographers can apply until September 11th, 2020 for this year’s scholarship.

The VII Academy’s first seminar underway for indigenous Pacific Islanders

The VII Academy has been planning an in-person seminar for Pacific Islanders for some time, but logistics for travel across the Pacific region proved costly in both monetary and ethical terms–how could we bring 14 students from across the Pacific together without burning tonnes of jet fuel? As COVID-19 travel restrictions forced the VII Academy to move online, it was an opportune moment to launch our first seminar for indigenous Pacific Islanders.

Review: Nature: Through Her Eyes Festival

The Nature: Through Her Eyes festival was held in October 2019 in Perpignan, France to celebrate and create space for women’s accomplishments in the field of nature storytelling, exploring what a feminine perspective means to women in their portrayal of nature. This festival was a free event open to the public and supported the participation of panelists from across the world.

Review: Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX) Scholarships

The VII Academy offers a number of full-tuition scholarships for students to attend The Danish School of Media and Journalism (DMJX). Four students attended the Photo 1 program at DMJX during the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters with the support of the VII Academy and the VII Foundation.

Review: P-CRC Balkan Diskurs Youth Correspondents Training 2019

With funding from the VII Academy and the VII Foundation, and training support by VII Agency photographers Sara Terry and Maciek Nabrdalik, the Post-Conflict Research Center held its Balkan Diskurs Youth Correspondents Training in Sarajevo in May 2019 for nineteen Bosnian youth participants from thirteen different Bosnian cities.

Review: Seeing The Light: Rangoon Streets

In October 2019, ten young Burmese photographers roamed Yangon with instructors Philip Blenkinsop and Daniel Schwartz, who tutored them in the subtle art of street photography.

Partner: USM Modular Furniture

The VII Academy thanks USM Modular Furniture for their generous donation to outfit the Sarajevo campus.

Check out the journey from Switzerland to Bosnia where installation was finished in time for the Sarajevo campus to open its doors to 15 students from the greater Balkan region.

Review: Kuma International Summer School

The Kuma International Summer School was held July 8-22, 2019 at the Bosniak Institute – Adil Zulfikarpašić Foundation in Sarajevo. The VII Academy supported twelve scholarships for Bosnian students who applied to the summer school programs, and this year the students who were chosen were all women hailing from several Bosnian cities—Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Gračanica.

Review: War Art Remembrance and Memory (WARM) Festival

The VII Academy supported two of our closest Balkan partners–the Post-Conflict Research Center (P-CRC) and WARM Foundation–who hosted the the 6th War Art Remembrance and Memory (WARM) Festival and the first WARM Academy in Sarajevo in July 2019.

Review: Chobi Mela

In 2019, the VII Academy supported three workshops and multiple portfolio reviews at the Chobi Mela festival. Fifty-nine students received scholarships to participate in one of three workshops: “Your Photojournalism Survival Kit” with Ron Haviv; “Learning to See” with Christopher Morris; and “A Better Future For Independent Journalists” with Vaughan Smith. Eleven students attended portfolio review sessions with Gary Knight and Anush Babajanyan.

Review: Burmese Days: Documenting an Extraordinary Voyage of Discovery

Seven days with instructors Daniel Schwartz and Philip Blenkinsop in Myanmar were spent observing, building confidence, and seeking out those special moments that as photographers we live for; documenting them as they happen, whether walking the streets, journeying by train, bus or boat or simply sat at a tea shop watching the world go by.