VII Academy Sarajevo hosts 4th KUMA International Summer School

For two weeks the campus of VII Academy Sarajevo hosted students and lecturers of the 4th KUMA International Summer School. This edition of KUMA International Summer School in partnership with VII Academy Sarajevo brought together sixteen students from BiH, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada for a two-week educational program on “Borders and […]

VII Academy Celebrates Bosnia and Herzegovina Youth Leadership

During the turbulent year of 2020/21, VII Academy Sarajevo worked with the next generation of civic leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina, supporting them on their path of community change making and active citizenship. Thirty young writers, artists, and community organizers engaged with BOLD, a youth leadership initiative created and supported by the US Embassy in […]

Dispatches in Exile Media Portal Is Live

Dispatches in Exile, the one-of-a-kind project led by VII Academy curator Ziyah Gafić in partnership with the International Organization for Migration, Bosnia and Herzegovina, has launched its online media portal, The website gives participants, who are people on the move through Bosnia and Herzegovina, a place to publish reports and stories that give insight […]

Review: Lecture: The Breakup: Photographs from 1991-2000

For the first time ever, photographers Christopher Morris and Ron Haviv spoke together about their images from the dissolution of the Former Yugoslavia. Moderated in conversation by Image of War Zagreb Director Danilo Gregovic, the discussion touched on some of the most famous images of the various wars and the stories behind them.

Partner: USM Modular Furniture

The VII Academy thanks USM Modular Furniture for their generous donation to outfit the Sarajevo campus.

Check out the journey from Switzerland to Bosnia where installation was finished in time for the Sarajevo campus to open its doors to 15 students from the greater Balkan region.

Review: No Man’s Land: A Workshop for Women

In this special workshop that took place during “VII in Sarajevo: Festival of the Image”, Sara Terry, Nichole Sobecki and Linda Bournane Engelberth worked with twenty-one women photographers to elevate their work to the next level by highlighting women’s unique perspectives. Spanning three days and aimed at committed visual journalist and artists, the workshop was entirely free to chosen participants. The group facilitated discussions on the challenges facing female photojournalists and how to overcome them to carve out careers in this demanding industry, advice on professional networking, how to edit portfolios, and strategies for finding and creating paid work.

Review: After the Image 2019

This three-day “After the Image” workshop with VII Photo Agency’s Philip Blenkinsop and Daniel Schwartz in Sarajevo addressed the critical period between the end of a photographic project and the moment when a designer genius embarks on squeezing your images and vision into a book that will neither make you proud nor rich, or when an artist-turned-curator hijacks them to illustrate his agenda. In other words, the period when you need to exercise an author’s authority but still want to listen to those with experience in making books and exhibitions. Generally, it is a period marked by mental exhaustion, self-doubt, and disappointment. Nothing you had envisaged in the field seems to work on pages or walls.

Review: VII in Sarajevo: Festival of the Image 2019

In May 2019, the VII Academy, the educational arm of the VII Foundation, hosted “VII in Sarajevo: Festival of the Image”: two workshops, thirty-one students, nine presentations, panel discussions on the state of the media in the Balkans, conversations with VII Photo Agency photographers, and an exhibition “Her Take: (Re)Thinking Masculinity,” featuring the work of the seven women photographers of VII. There were 200 festival participants from thirty-seven countries, including fifty-six scholarships for students from the region!