VII Mentor Program

Photo by Ali Arkady. VII Emeritus (former VII Mentee). A portrait of four children on a donkey near the brick factories in Najaf, Iraq, July 24, 2013. The VII Mentor Program is calling for new applications. The first program of its kind, it has developed some of the brightest new talents in photojournalism since it […]

Myanmar in Crisis

A group that included monks later identified as members of the ultranationalist “Patriotic Young Monks Union”, including Pyinnyawuntha, a well-known participant in the pro-military rallies, used metal bars to attack cars and their drivers that were blocking traffic as part of the civil disobedience campaign against military rule before taking refuge in the adjacent Shwe […]

Dispatches in Exile

Still Life in Ušivak temporary reception center. ©Ramin Ahmadi Over the next twelve months, in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Bosnia and Herzegovina, VII Academy trainers will teach the basic principles of journalism, and media production including photography, time-based media, ethics and narrative storytelling to a group of about 60 men and […]

Amplifying Student Voices

The government decided to reopen liquor shops in India to help boost the country’s economy a little–but those queuing for alcohol disregarded social distancing recommendation. There were long lines and crowds waiting to buy liquor. Mumbai, India. © Gautam Doshi Amplifying Student Voices was an education forum that started on April 20, 2020 for alumni […]