Nature: Through Her Eyes Festival


October 18-21, 2019

4 Days

Image by Meredith Meeks Image by Meredith Meeks

The VII Academy is hosting a special event celebrating and highlighting women’s roles in storytelling about nature and the environment, including writers, photographers, filmmakers, as well as camera and sound operators. We will be exploring what a feminine perspective means to women, what they bring in their art and why it is important for society as a whole. We will be giving space for women’s ideas and work that are innovative and important for all audiences to see.

The festival will be held in the dynamic city of Perpignan, France from October 18-21st, 2019. Presenters hail from the media, literature, academia and research, and legal and commercial worlds. Programming will include professional workshops, seminars, film screenings, and mentoring.

Admission is free and certain events will be open to the public.
Please go to to register to attend. Image of Shannon Benson filming rhinos by Russell MacLaughlin Image of Shannon Benson filming rhinos by Russell MacLaughlin


A full program can be seen at:

Special presenters


Sophie Darlington

London, United Kingdom

BAFTA & multi award-winning natural history filmmaker and Director of Photography for Disney, BBC Earth, Netflix, and more, speaking on “Women in the Field, Barriers and Solutions.”


Arati Kumar-Rao

Bangalore, India

National Geographic Explorer and independent environmental photographer, writer, and artist speaking on the panel “A Feminine Perspective in Pictures.”


Faith Briggs

Portland, USA

Our Keynote speaker will discuss the challenging history of storytelling about the land and how to empower historically marginalized communities by reframing these narratives.


Eden Robinson

British Columbia, Canada

Prize winning Haisla/Heiltsuk author speaking on the panel “Writing Nature – From a Female POV – How it Could Save the World.”