Young Achievers Photography Program


January 7-August 7, 2021

8 months
Class size
Scholarship eligibility
Open to participants of the YMCA of Greater Boston's Youth Achievers program
Family Album Project. ©Carly Paul

The VII Academy is excited to announce its first program in collaboration with the YMCA of Greater Boston.

The initiative supports twenty high school students who are enrolled in the YMCA Young Achievers program and who come from some of the most under-resourced neighborhoods in the city. The students have committed to an 8-month program learning photography, documenting their communities, and expressing themselves visually. The YMCA Achievers Program’s mission is to help teens discover and pursue higher education and career goals by equipping them with the skills and community role models they need to get there.

The program is supported by sponsors Fujifilm, PhotoWings, Adobe, Digital Silver Imaging, The VII Foundation, and the YMCA.

For more information, please read our update here.


Ben Brody

Tsar Fedorsky

Alison Morley

Nina Robinson