Canon Miraisha and VII Academy: Stories of the World Through Your Lens

Mr. Gonzaga Yiga, 49, the chairperson of Kansanga Kiwafu Zone B in Kampala walks through his village alerting people to the dangers of COVID-19 every morning and evening, reminding people to wash their hands, social distance, and stay at home to prevent COVID-19. Gonzaga started this after the government announced the outbreak of COVID-19 in […]

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop 2021

©Zahara Abdul Description Now in its thirteenth year, the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop offers majority world students and those from underrepresented communities in G20 countries who could not otherwise afford it a chance to learn from some of the world’s most well-respected photojournalists and photography professionals. In 2021, Foundry brings participants together to learn visual journalism in […]

Sarajevo Seminar For Documentary and Narrative Practice 2022

©Sandra Junicic Description Over a period of nine months, this interdisciplinary seminar will be led by instructors Dr. Paul Lowe and Ziyah Gafic of VII photo agency and will be complemented with a series of sessions by leading journalists, designers, writers, editors and photographers. During the seminar, you’ll explore how to develop a lasting career […]

Pacific Digital Storytellers

Tampa, Florida, USA, Oct. 31, 2005. ©Christopher Morris / VII DESCRIPTION VII Academy has partnered with Creative New Zealand to provide a program for eight Pasifika creatives from Aotearoa. Over a period of 12 weeks, this interdisciplinary Level 1 seminar will be led by VII photographer Christopher Morris, who will be supported by Pacific photographer Raymond […]

Documentary Practice Masterclass, Dokufest Prizren

©Ron Haviv / VII Led by VII Photo Agency photographers Ron Haviv and Paul Lowe, this two day masterclass will explore how to research, plan, produce, edit and present an extended photo essay / documentary photography or film project.  It will also explore and critically evaluate the ethical concerns relating to documentary representation, sources of funding […]

The Search Is the Story: Practical Storytelling Workshop with Anush Babajanyan

Reflection through a window of a former House of Culture in Gladzor village, Armenia. The House of Culture is a journey through the inner lives of Soviet-era Culture Houses in villages of Armenia. These places that carry the memory of performance are left to slowly decay. This is what an insider becomes aware of. The […]

Young Achievers Photography Program

Family Album Project. ©Carly Paul The VII Academy is excited to announce its first program in collaboration with the YMCA of Greater Boston. The initiative supports twenty high school students who are enrolled in the YMCA Young Achievers program and who come from some of the most under-resourced neighborhoods in the city. The students have […]

Myanmar in Crisis

A group that included monks later identified as members of the ultranationalist “Patriotic Young Monks Union”, including Pyinnyawuntha, a well-known participant in the pro-military rallies, used metal bars to attack cars and their drivers that were blocking traffic as part of the civil disobedience campaign against military rule before taking refuge in the adjacent Shwe […]

Dispatches in Exile

Still Life in Ušivak temporary reception center. ©Ramin Ahmadi Over the next twelve months, in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Bosnia and Herzegovina, VII Academy trainers will teach the basic principles of journalism, and media production including photography, time-based media, ethics and narrative storytelling to a group of about 60 men and […]

New Waves of Documentary, Practice as Research

A nine month mentorship program by the VII Academy and Pathshala South Asia Media Institute for emerging photographers from the region of South Asia. Research plays a critical role in photographic practice and is especially important while doing personal, intimate, and investigative works. The program for nine participants will begin from the preliminary framing of […]

Foundry Photojournalism Workshop 2019: Kigali, Rwanda

Sarah Waiswa reviews student work at the Foundry Photojournalism Workshop 2019 in Kigali, Rwanda. © Roger Anis Description The idea for Foundry Photojournalism Workshop came from a conversation held some time ago on the Lightstalkers website, an online gathering place for photojournalists and travelers. There were—and are—a host of wonderful workshops available; however, few provide […]

Words and Pictures: The Art of Writing Project Statements and Grant Proposals

Liliesleaf Farm, Johannesburg, Gauteng from the chapter “Landscapes from Nelson Mandela’s South Africa” of the book “Forgiveness and Conflict: Lessons From Africa.” In the early 1960s, Liliesleaf Farm was secretly used by members of the ANC, including Nelson Mandela, who lived at the farm under the assumed name of David Motsamayi, as a worker in […]

Sarajevo Seminar For Documentary and Narrative Practice 2021

Lukomir. ©Ziyah Gafic / VII Apply Now Scholarships Eligible applicants (see details at the top of the page) who wish to be considered acceptance to this tuition-free program should complete the application form linked below. Please register for AwardForce, and then select the category of “VII Academy” and then the name of this program. Scholarship […]

Amplifying Student Voices

The government decided to reopen liquor shops in India to help boost the country’s economy a little–but those queuing for alcohol disregarded social distancing recommendation. There were long lines and crowds waiting to buy liquor. Mumbai, India. © Gautam Doshi Amplifying Student Voices was an education forum that started on April 20, 2020 for alumni […]

BOLD Civic Engagement Workshop

Bosnians wait for the arrival of United States forces to arrive in Orasje, Bosnia, in winter, 1995. Thirty thousand NATO troops were deployed in Bosnia to enforce the Dayton Peace Accord that ended the war. ©Ron Haviv / VII Photo This program is organized by a partnership between the VII Academy and the U.S. Embassy […]