Pacific Digital Storytellers

Tampa, Florida, USA, Oct. 31, 2005. ©Christopher Morris / VII DESCRIPTION VII Academy has partnered with Creative New Zealand to provide a program for eight Pasifika creatives from Aotearoa. Over a period of 12 weeks, this interdisciplinary Level 1 seminar will be led by VII photographer Christopher Morris, who will be supported by Pacific photographer Raymond […]

South and Central America: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Seminar, Level 1

Installation from GetxoPhoto International Image festival of Haley Morris-Cafiero project, The Bully Pulpit ©Monica Allende Blues Skies Project exhibition at Fitzrovia Chapel during PhotoLondon 2019 ©Monica Allende Apply Now Scholarships Eligible applicants (see details at the top of the page) who wish to be considered acceptance to this tuition-free program should complete the application form […]