The Search Is the Story: Practical Storytelling Workshop with Anush Babajanyan

Reflection through a window of a former House of Culture in Gladzor village, Armenia. The House of Culture is a journey through the inner lives of Soviet-era Culture Houses in villages of Armenia. These places that carry the memory of performance are left to slowly decay. This is what an insider becomes aware of. The […]

Words and Pictures: The Art of Writing Project Statements and Grant Proposals

Liliesleaf Farm, Johannesburg, Gauteng from the chapter “Landscapes from Nelson Mandela’s South Africa” of the book “Forgiveness and Conflict: Lessons From Africa.” In the early 1960s, Liliesleaf Farm was secretly used by members of the ANC, including Nelson Mandela, who lived at the farm under the assumed name of David Motsamayi, as a worker in […]