Spend 90 min­utes with Ashley Gilbertson, who reg­u­lar­ly flips from com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent assign­ments at a moment’s notice. Each job has an ide­al cam­era sys­tem, and in this webi­nar, Ash dis­cuss­es his ide­al sys­tem and how he decides what to use depend­ing on the job requirements–from war zone report­ing all the way through to glossy high-end com­mer­cial shoots, Ash uses cam­eras with 1/3rd frame sys­tems, APS-C, 35mm, and medi­um for­mat across both dig­i­tal and film for­mats. He explores the fac­tors that deter­mine which sys­tem he choos­es, prepa­ra­tions involved in preshoots…and the occa­sion­al note from samu­rai war­riors of the Edo peri­od.

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